Compute empirical double kinship matrix by SOLAR


solarKinship2(df, dir, ...)


A data frame that containts both phenotype and pedigree data. To be passed to df2solar function.
(optional) A character with path to a directory, where SOLAR files to be created. If this argument is missing, a temporary folder is created and further removed, when the job is done. To be passed to df2solar function.
Additional arguments to be passed to df2solar.


The function runs SOLAR to evaluate the double kinship matirx of the given data.


The function (1) puts the data df in SOLAR format, (2) separates it into two parts, pedigree and phenotypes, and then (3) expots both data sets in the directory dir, (4) read the specific `phi2.gz` file, where the kinship coefficients multiplied by 2 are stored by SOLAR.


IDs in df are assumed to be not duplicated.