Apply transforms to a data set.


transformData(transforms, data, transform.prefix = "tr_", ...)


A named character vector of transforms, where traits are given in the names of the vector.
A matrix or a data.frame, where the column names represent the names of traits.
A character vector, that is a prefix to be added to the name of transformed trait. The default value is "tr_".
Additional parameters to be passed to transformTrait function called inside of transformData. For example, it might be a parameter log.base for transformTrait function in the case transform is equal to "log".


A matrix or a data.frame of the transformed data.


The function looks for traits in colulms of input data frame, call transformTrait function per trait, and rename the traits. By default, the name of a transformed trait is updated to one with a prefixed given in transform.prefix argument (the default value is "tr_"). Such renaming is assumed to make the user aware that the trait is transformed.


This function is internally called in solarPolygenic if transforms argument is specified. In this case of the polygenic analysis, the transform operation is invisible to the user. However, it is recommended to manually transform traits in other linkage and association analyses.